Friday, February 20, 2009

Charlotte stimulus, round 1

Here is the official list of the Charlotte stimulus road projects. These contracts will be awarded by June:

Stanly County, new bridge over Long Creek on N.C. 73, $4.7 million
Stanly County, Ridge Street extension, $5.6 million
Mecklenburg County, N.C. 51 widening from Pineville to S.C. state line, $8.3 million
Cabarrus County, I-85 pavement rehab from US 29/601 to NC 73, $3 million
Anson, Union, Mecklenburg counties, N.C. 218 pavement rehab from I-485 to U.S. 74, $17 million

These are the first wave of stimulus projects for Division 10 of the N.C. Department of Transportation, which covers most of the Charlotte area. Division 10 will receive about $35 million in additional stimulus money, which it must spend by the end of 2009.

In the first round of N.C. road stimulus money, Division 2 (Greenville-New Bern) will spend the most money, $64 million. That is all of the division's stimulus money.


special_k said...

Why are we spending any $$$ on Hwy 51 from Pineville to the SC state line??? The only traffic on that section is heading to either the flea market or the fireworks store. I-485 and I-77 gets you to Carowinds just fine.

Anonymous said...

Ever been on that stretch of 51 at rush hour? There is a lot of traffic on 51 on that stretch. It should be widened as it is an alternative to 485. It also leads to several business parks and is a shorter distance than taking 485 to 77.

Anyways, I am hoping they use some of the stimulus money to fix all the broken lights on our highways but I am not counting on it!! :-(