Thursday, February 19, 2009

North Corridor out, Yadkin bridge in?

The stimulus package contains a $1.5 billion pot of money for transportation projects nationwide.

The Charlotte Area Transit System was planning to apply for some of that money to build it's North Corridor - a commuter rail line to the Lake Norman area. CATS hoped it might snag $100 million or so, and then finance the rest of the $300 million project itself.

But now it looks like CATS could be muscled out.

Gov. Beverly Perdue's office announced Thursday it's hoping to use the $1.5 billion fund to replace the Interstate 85 bridge over the Yadkin River. The announcement said that Purdue, Transportation Secretary Gene Conti and N.C.'s Congressional delegation are behind the project.

The rules of the $1.5 billion pot say that no state can get more than $300 million.

It's possible the criteria - at this point unknown - might favor transit, which could put the North Corridor back in play.

The Yadkin bridge, built in the mid 1950s, is a narrow, four-lane bridge that everyone wants to replace, but no one wants to pay for it.


Anonymous said...

Are you naive enough to think that we will get anything in Mecklenburg that Bev Perdue has to back. Thanks Charlotte voters.